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    Wood Fireplaces

    People have been eating, drinking and telling stories around crackling wood fires for thousands of years. A wood fireplace installation from Perry’s Fireplace & Stoves will not only produce natural heat, it will creates an experience and lasting memories. Today, wood fireplaces combine both the old-world charm of the open flame with new technologies.

    Wood fireplaces can be an extremely cost effective way to add a huge volume of warmth and comfort to a home. With efficiencies of up to 70 – 80%, and strict EPA guidelines for emissions, these are a far cry from the wood stoves of years past. If you’ve got access to wood and you don’t mind a bit of chopping then the next step is to decide what type of fireplace best suits your installation requirements.

    If you’re looking for rustic appeal, wood burning fireplaces offer the ideal design element. Bask in the warm glow, and soak in the charming smell and feel that only a traditional wood-burning fireplace can provide. The experts at Perry’s Fireplace & Stoves can assist you in picking out the best wood fireplace for your home.

    Benefits of a Wood Fireplace

    • Ambiance: The ambiance of a wood fire is unbeatable, with the crackling logs and woodsy aroma.

    • Flexible and Renewable Fuel: You can choose the type of firewood you burn, which means you can make your fire long-burning, quick-burning, or especially aromatic. Also, fuel (in the form of logs, wood chips, brush clippings, grasses, and lumber yard waste) is widely available, renewable, and sustainable.

    • Economical Heating: Wood is an inexpensive fuel source. It costs less per BTU than oil, gas or electricity. Homeowners who practice strategic zone heating in their homes can also save hundreds of dollars in utility bills each year.

    • Works During Power Outages: With Montana’s brutally cold winters, having a heat source that is 100% self-contained is extremely valuable. With a dependable wood fireplace, you’ll stay warm around the clock, regardless of your home’s supply of gas or electricity.

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    Contact us for detailed information.

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