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    Electric Fireplaces

    Electric fireplaces are swiftly becoming the latest, greatest trend in contemporary home furnishing. They create the beauty, warmth and ambiance of a traditional gas or wood fireplace but boast low maintenance and simple operation. All you need is a nearby outlet to enjoy the warmth and soothing mood of a glowing fire.

    The blower system of electric fireplaces provides an energy efficient way to keep a room warm and comfortable. During the summer, the heating element can also be shut off entirely so you can just enjoy the flicker of cozy flames without sweating the extra heat. The surface of these electrical units also remains cool to the touch, even while heating, making it a safer option for homes with small children and pets. With elegant, simple construction available in an array of traditional and contemporary designs, you’ll find an electrical fireplace that seamlessly blends with any decor.

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    Benefits of an Electric Fireplace

    • Safe: Because a fire isn’t burning, there are no sparks, open flames, or toxic fumes to worry about with a gas fireplace, meaning they are a safer option for children and pets.

    • Convenient: By simply pressing a remote button or flipping a switch, you can effortlessly turn on an electric fireplace from across the room. Backbreaking hours of chopping wood or attaching gas lines are no longer necessary.

    • Simple Installation: Requiring just a standard 120v wall outlet, electric fireplace installation could not be easier. You can have them up and running within minutes of unpacking the box.

    • Low Maintenance: With an electric fireplace, you never have to worry about a chimney to clean, there are no logs or ash, and you can turn it on or off whenever you want.

    • Use Them Year-Round: With the heat and flames operating separately, you can use your electric fireplace from the dead of winter to the height of summer. Set the mood, no matter the season.

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